I never fully understood the importance of an inspiring workspace until this past July when I started working at Erin Condren Design. I was always the kid in school that liked having an organized desk and that followed me into my year of teaching, but this was the very first time that I had a desk that was completely mine. It took me a few months to find my desk “style” so to speak, but I’m really happy with the current set up so I decided to compile five essential tips for slaying your workspace aesthetic as a whole.

I may be a bit bias here since Erin gives us quite a few inspirational products to choose from, but I love to keep positive words at my workspace for those days that just aren’t going my way. These postcards that come with your order are absolutely gorgeous and add a pleasant wash of color as well.


A big thing for me from the get go was getting pictures of my family & friends in my space. Not only do the memories make me smile, but they add a sense of personality to my space so people know not only who I am at work, but who I love at home & on the weekends. This is also a great way to fill your space with people who inspire you.


I am such a neutral girl that it can sometimes be a bad thing *all black everything*, but I’ve learned that it’s me so I fill my space with not only neutral colors, but pops of metallics as well. I love adding a faux plant or two to add a little bit of color and then plenty of cute neutral decor that makes it feel cozy. A few of these items include a two wooden cork boards from Target, an art print from Erin Condren with a colorful prop from one of our conventions, and a black pom pom banner that my coworker gave me for my birthday. I also have a little silver “working for the weekend” plaque that my mom kept on her desk for years to give my desk a little touch of mama E. All in all, it’s a perfect combination of functionality and personality while keeping it professional.


You must get a desk calendar for your workspace. End of story. I know I may be shot down by the EC fans out there (yes… I know this is SO not on brand), but I just adore my new Rifle Paper Co. Alice in Wonderland desk calendar to not only add my love for her to my desk, but also to keep me on track with dates when getting work done. Regardless of where you get yours from, you need one. It will seriously be a game changer for your workspace.

What are some of your must haves for your workspace? Anything from mine that you just have to add to yours? Let me know down below!