For most of us, the “holiday dust” has settled and life is back to normal. You may still be crushing those New Year’s Resolutions, or you may find yourself settling back into your old ways. I personally am doing a little bit of both, so I decided to sit down & write down the 10 most important things that 2016 taught me. Not only does this help me refocus my goals, but it also gives me a sense of gratitude toward the new beginning I have been given instead of seeing it as the same ole’ same ole’... and we all need that from time to time, am I right?



This is a biggie. Over the past year I underwent my first round of cheer tryout season, a big move, a new job, personal struggles, and so much more. I’ve been tested and uncertain more times than I can count, but I’ve learned if I just be patient and have a little faith, I end up exactly where I am meant to be. Whether it was having patience while hearing back from a job interview or finding that inner patience while responding to a difficult customer at work, finding it has served me well, and it is definitely something I am taking into 2017.



I’m not exactly sure why after all these years I find myself convinced that I’m a pro at change, but let me tell you first hand, I am not. I am a creature of habit and love my routines. This past year when we moved to Austin, I told myself that it would be a new adventure (which was great), but it would only be a change that affected me for one to two weeks tops. Boy, was I wrong! Change is hard and the sooner you accept that and work to overcome it, the better off you will be. Even though my Fall was not awful, it was definitely challenging as I sat in denial when it came to how much my daily routine had changed. Had I gone into it telling myself that this was a huge change and it would take some adjusting, I think I would have been 10x better off!



Always challenge yourself. It is so absolutely easy to become comfortable. Whether it be with your job, friends, relationship, or hobbies… always make sure you are challenging yourself so that you are improving. I found myself in so many situations over the past year where I overcame fear of a new and challenging situation & it ended up paying off in the end.


There have been so many people in and out of my life the past year, and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that even if these people don’t STAY in your life, they do serve a purpose. It was so bittersweet when we moved away from the small town we were living in, but even though I don’t talk to those people daily anymore, they gave me memories in 2016 that I’ll never forget.



I was listening to an audiobook throughout December, and one of the big points the author made was to make an effort to listen to other people. We get so caught up in our own lives sometimes that when we run into an old friend or talk to a colleague at work, we tend to be so involved in how we can contribute to the conversation that we forget to listen to what they are actually saying. Ever since then I’ve worked to listen to people & really hear what they are saying and it has not only improved my conversations but my connections with people as well.


Y’all… I don’t know what it was about turning 25 this past year, but I was downright upset about it. I felt old, run down, and for the first time in my life wasn’t excited for my birthday. I thought it was the end all for my life, when really, it was the first page of a beautiful new chapter. If you are at that point this year, take it from me, it only goes up from here!



I am so guilty of being the person that is on to the next thing without enjoying my current situation only to turn around & wish I had enjoyed it while it lasted. Does that even make sense? If you do this, you’ll totally get what I’m saying. 2016 taught me to enjoy the little things & be present in the moment, because before you know it, it’ll be gone!



This may be the biggest lesson of the year. As most of you know (if you’re new here, then you don’t know...hi), losing my mom three years ago shocked my entire world. I remember sitting in that “family room” at the ER thinking, I can’t do this. I was pretty much convinced my life was over, & I would never, ever recover. Well this past year, I finally felt some normalcy. If you’re going through a hard time or have lost a loved one, I’d be lying if I said it goes away 100%, but I can promise you that I’ve learned that you will see the sun again, you will smile again, and you will get through it. I promise



I think this pretty much ties into me turning 25 and my fear of it, but this last year I felt plain old. I’m talking washed up, grandma in her slippers old. *My coworkers who call me the baby are cursing me right now… I can feel it* I felt like this for weeks on end until I decided to sit down & find the root of what was making me feel this way. I found that I had gotten so busy trying to make myself feel like I had my life under control (see my lesson about change) that I forgot to do little things for myself. All it took was a few pamper nights & not only was a feeling better, but I looked better too!



I learned this past year that my life is not always going to match my friends’ lives or the life of my favorite influencer on Instagram. I see so many of my followers suffering from this as well. You have to learn to love your own path because it is YOURS. Did you graduate later than your friends? That’s okay. Not married by 25? No biggie. It’s all about creating a life you love, being kind, and always doing your best. As long as you’re doing that, you’re golden.

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