I’m Alexa!

I’m a coach’s wife, starbucks lover, workaholic, #girlboss, geek, basic white girl with a little bit of an edgy twist.

I believe in never giving up and taking every mistake and turning it into a lesson.


I believe in amazing packaging, a great experience, and connecting with other people on a level that genuinely makes them feel good. I believe it’s never too late to follow your dreams and find your purpose in life. 


I help small businesses, busy boss babes, youtube newbies, the social media incompetent, & organizationally lacking boss babes get their business organized and rock it online. I provide my clients with that extra time in the day that they’ve been working so hard to get back while making them feel like they’re working with their best friend in the process.

My clients become like family.

I value their dreams & goals while making working my tail off to make sure I contribute to them coming true. Working with me is like working with your best friend. There is never too much time to help them out, and I’m always just a call (or email) away!

It’s time to take this relationship to the next level. Get those extra hours back while gaining the knowledge and experience you need to rock it online, reach your goals, and not completely exhaust yourself in the process, all while feeling like you’re working with your best friend!